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Issue Five of Spray Paint Magazine is a digital magazine with 140 pages containing 26 artists, which includes Shamik Banerjee, Irina Tall Novikova, Allison Fradkin, Sheridan Turton, Jordan Andrew, Elisa Ang, Kenna McHugh, Glen Armstrong, A. M. Linton, Barry M. Putt Jr., Niles Reddick, Steve Gold, Usha Gunatilake, Stephanie Buckley, Kanwalpreet Baidwan, Casey Shelley, Stephen Wallkiewicz, Binod Dawadi, Robin Ellen Brooks, Aneezah Johnson, Erika Lynet Salvador, Cathy LaForge Tonkin, R. A. L, Cassidy Guimares, Claire Stewart, and Jaline Wellington.

This issue has been made possible by our contributors and the Spray Paint Magazine team, who are Catherine Mwitta (design editor), Jessie Nguyen (illustrator), and Angel-Clare Linton (founder & managing editor).

Spray Paint Magazine is now closed for submissions.

Short Stories by A. M. Linton

Gallery Preview by R. A. L