Founder & Managing Editor

Angel-Clare Linton is a poet, writer, editor, and publisher. She is also the founder of Spray Paint Magazine.

Design Editor

Catherine Mwitta has a bachelors in creative writing from Kwantlen Polytechnic University and a certification in Journalism from Langara College. She is an editor at Dishsoap Quarterly and PULP Mag and an editorial assistant at Prism International. Catherine is also the anthology editor for Framework of the Human Body. She has short stories published in Quarantine Reviews, Random Photo Journal, Otis Nebula, and PULP Mag. Likewise, bylines at Stir Vancouver, SAD Mag, and This Magazine.


Jessie Nguyen is a Vietnamese, first-generation Canadian born and raised in Vancouver, BC. She is a writer and multidisciplinary artist, happy to create in whatever capacity her hands allow her. Based on her personal taste, she largely writes slice-of-life, character-driven pieces – oftentimes about childhood. Jessie is ever twinkle-eyed, looking toward a future that combines her passions, making games/visual novels, animations, book/comic series and children’s picture books. She lives with her family, Pomsky pup, tortoise and betta fish, often employing the pitter-patter of VanCity rain as an accompaniment to her attempts at creativity.