Angel-Clare Linton

Angel-Clare Linton is a poet, writer, editor, and publisher. She is also the founder of Spray Paint Magazine.

The Recovery: A Process is a chapbook that contains ten poems, one of which was published in the third issue of Spray Paint Magazine.

This collection captures the “slice of life” of someone living with a mental illness, such as depression.

if you wanna know more about me, then please, you should just ask.

Split up into three different parts—shelf one- the night watcher, shelf two- the poisonous antidote, and shelf three- the illusion of talk therapy—; Poetry on the Bookcase is a coming-of-age poetry collection about the effects and experience of an abusive relationship, suicide and suicide ideation, the mundane of everyday living, and the life before (and slightly after) that short-lasting romantic relationship.

They say not to let your heart bleed onto the pages, but here I am doing it anyway.

When my well is overflowing with star-covered words, my fingers bleed them out. They implant themselves on white or cream paper, crying out, wanting to be heard like a hungry child in the middle of the night. But then the words flutter away like a cabbage white butterfly during Spring.

They’re supposed to come back. I need them to come back.

Talk Therapy is an open letter that captures a sliver of what it’s like living with a mind that’s a black monster. Talk Therapy is also Angel-Clare Linton’s second poetry collection.