A. M. Linton

A. M. Linton is a wife and mother of two. She is also the author of Torn Between Love, Religion and Responsibility, A Little on Puberty for Boys and A Little on Symptoms Associated with Menopause. A few of her short stories were also published in The Barbados Advocate Newspaper.

In Chosen – A Child of Assault, a stranger assaulted sixteen-year-old Janice Shepherd in her bedroom one night. She conceived and delivered her son, James, but never revealed his father to him.

Now, at nineteen, James’ job as a copy typist forces her to tell him about that night. What will he do with this knowledge? Will his faith in God make a difference to him and his mom now that he knows about his birth?

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In Chosen – A Child of Abuse, sixteen-year-old Justine lives with her father, mother and younger siblings.  Money is tight for the family, and getting food to eat on most days is challenging.  Additionally, her mother expresses her frustration with her living conditions by abusing Justine and her siblings.

However, one day, after losing her baby, Justine walked away from her home to live with her grandfather, who lived close to her family home.  While living there, she learned more about her mother, met a new friend and found the courage to break up with her boyfriend.  There, Justine also met her Saviour.

Short Stories