“I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care,” Lisa mumbled as she speed-walked to the nearest bus stop.

“What do I care? What do I care?” she continued above the music coming through her earphones.

Click, clack, click, clack, her short, healed black and white shoes sang.

Lighted cars sped past her, and she turned around to see if a bus was coming. None was.

She turned around and continued her walk. She was still several steps away from the blue and red bus pole. Someone was standing there, and she did not want anyone to see the tears running down her face. The little light brown makeup powder she’d applied about an hour ago was now ruined, but what did she care?  

Still, she pulled a white tissue from her three-quarter jeans pocket and dabbed her eyes and cheeks. She blew into the tissue and cleared her throat before slipping the tissue into her small handbag.

The pink banded watch on her left hand sounded, and she lifted her hand, pressed the black button for the light, and looked at the time. It was 8 p.m., just as she thought.  

She was thankful that not only did the lights from passing vehicles light up the street, but several street lamps were also doing an excellent job. Still, she wished she didn’t make this ill-fated trip. What was she thinking?

Lisa and Ashton met over eight months ago in a supermarket, and he asked her out. Since then, they have been in a committed relationship. Well, at least that’s what she thought, but she was a fool. Which guy looking like him would want to be with her, for her? He, with his thick eyebrows, forever searching, yet calming eyes, muscular chest and easy laugh. He had his plan, he only wanted one thing, but since she was holding out, he had grown tired. 

She knew something was wrong when he cancelled their planned dates for the past two weeks because he said he was working, and whenever they texted, it was unusually short.  

It was Friday night, and Ashton texted, saying he would have an early night to make up for the recent long hours he’d been working. She said ok, but after a second thought, she asked her friend if she could give her a drop at his home. His parents were away on vacation and were due back next week.

Yes, she knew he was tired, but she missed him and just wanted to see him, if only for a few minutes.

So she dressed up, waited for her friend, and when she saw that the lights were still on in his home and glimpsed his silhouette through the curtained window, she said goodbye to her friend and walked the few steps to his house.  

He was walking from the living room, and when she reached the door enclosed by a patio, she was about to knock when she heard a woman’s voice. She dropped her hand, quietly stepped over to the window, and peeped through at the corner. It so happened that the curtain had pulled away in that area, and she could see a young woman sitting in the beautifully familiar living room. Ashton returned from wherever he went, sat down next to her, and they kissed. 

She wanted to knock on the window and let him know she was there and had caught him, but for some reason, she backed away.  

Why did he buy that hideous shirt? Lisa thought as she drew even closer to the bus stop.  I’ve never seen him in that one before. It must be new.

Just as she turned to look behind her again, she heard, “Lisa, Lisa? What are you doing here, Sweetheart?”

She spun around to the bus stop, where the familiar voice had come from. She pulled the earphones from her ears.

“Ashton?” she asked.

“Yeah, it’s me,” he said, walking to meet her.

“What are you doing here?”

“I know I said I was going to make it an early night, but I missed you, and I was just going to stop by your place for a few minutes.”

He reached for her hands, and she allowed him to take them.

“But I was just at your place,” Lisa said.

“And my cousin Marlon told you I was coming to see you?”

“Your cousin?”

“Yeah, he and his wife came in yesterday, and they are just here for one of her cousin’s wedding tomorrow. They’ll be leaving on Monday.” 

“But he looks so much like you?” Lisa said, touching his freshly shaved face.

“Yeah, that’s what people say all the time, but I’m glad we don’t share the same choices in clothing,” Ashton said.

They both laugh before seeking out each other lips.

The End

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