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  • Will Theo lose his entire family, or is something else going on? Please read the final installment of Who Does My Son Look Like and find out. Thanks.

  • Nicole, Theo’s friend, just dropped a bomb on his lap. Will he defuse it, or will it explode? Read and discover in this second installment of Who Does My Son Look Like? Thanks.

  • Every man’s child resembles them, don’t they? The fact that Sam, Theo and June’s son does not look like him is not a big deal. Is it? Read and find out. Thanks.

  • Ann’s brother is on vacation with his girlfriend and her parents. What could possibly go wrong? Read and find out. Thanks.

  • We left off in part one with Earney saying, “…I’ve found her. I’ve found our baby.” What? Mrs. Pete thought Earney was having an affair! Read and find out what’s really going on. Thanks!

  • Whistling by A. M. Linton

    Mrs. Pete thinks her husband Earney is having an affair with their neighbour’s wife. Why? She saw him coming out of her apartment twice, and he never mentioned it to her. However, is that really what’s going on? Read and find out. Thanks!

  • Surprise! by A.M. Linton

    The rain left its presence behind, and my electric bill is a month overdue. When I return home, will I find my son Martin in darkness or something else? Read and find out. Thanks.

  • Seventeen-year-old Marcus is grieving, and after a few hours of bowling, he faces a question that could put him against the law. What will he do?

  • Someone from Marcia’s past has returned. Will she help her or continue with where she left off a few years ago?

  • Envelope by A. M. Linton

    Melle and her husband Michael were already two months behind in rent when she found an envelope full of money on a bus. She then gives it to the bus driver, though! What would become of them? Read and find out; the story may not go where you think… I think.