Category: Issue Three

  • Jessie Nguyen is a Vietnamese, first-generation Canadian, born and raised in Vancouver, Canada. Based off her personal taste, she largely writes slice-of-life, character driven pieces – oftentimes about childhood. Jessie is ever twinkle-eyed looking toward a future of writing games/visual-novels, TV scripts, book series and children’s picture books. She lives with her family and baby…

  • Angel-Clare Linton is a poet, writer, editor, and publisher.

  • Blanka Pillár is a sixteen-year-old writer from Budapest, Hungary. She has a never-ending love for creating and an ever-lasting passion for learning. She has won several national competitions and has been a columnist for her high school’s prestigious newspaper, Eötvös Diák.

  • Christian Ward (he/him) is a UK-based writer who has recently appeared in Open Minds Quarterly, Double Speak, Obsessed with Pipework, Primeval Monster, Amazine, Tipton Poetry Journal and Wild Greens.