Marcia rubbed her light brown eyes before staring through the glass window of her office in the car dealership she worked at and nodded.

“Yes, it is her,” she whispered, rapidly drumming her fingers on the brown rectangular table she sat at.

Her eyes travelled from the shopper’s head of black and pink straightened hair that ended in a curl just above her shoulders to her red and white sweater and blue skinny jeans.

“Ring,” went the black corded phone on the table.

Marcia wore a blue and white navy blue pants suit with black low heels. She immediately reached out for it, and as she talked, her eyes continued to follow the customer around the dealership.

The caller was asking for the dealership’s opening and closing hours. As she talked with the caller, her eyes shifted to the person walking into the dealership, and Marcia immediately jumped up from the chair. The receiver almost dropped from her hand.

The new customer looked at her, waved and headed towards her. She had a light grey beanie on her head, a black and red winter jacket and black pants. Marcia returned the wave and thanked the customer for calling before the call ended.

“Hi, Sis,” the visitor said after pushing the partly opened wooden door and entering.

“What are you doing here?” Marcia asked, scrambling out from behind the desk.

“I was in the area and wanted to see my big sister,” she replied, smiling.

“Oh,” Marcia said, opening her arms for a hug.

A knock came on the door when they parted from the hug.

“We have a customer,” the knocker on the door said.

“Okay,” Marcia said, nodding.

“See what you can do for her; she really needs some wheels,” he added.

“Give me about five minutes, and then send her in; thanks,” Marcia replied.

“Great,” the knocker said and left the room.

“Well,” her sister said, “I see you, and I see you are busy, so I am off, but we are still on for lunch tomorrow, right?”

“Yes, we are,” Marcia said, smiling, “and let me walk you out.”

“You don’t need to,” her sister said, “you have a new customer, and she really needs some wheels, so you do the best you can for her.”

Marcia stared at her sister, and suddenly, tears rushed into her eyes. She reached out and grabbed her in another hug.

“You’re the best little Sis,” Marcia said, blinking away the unshed tears.

“Thanks,” she said, “and you’re the best too.”

They parted, and Marcia walked her out of the building.

When Marcia returned to her office, the customer she was looking at from her office was now sitting at her desk.

The customer twisted around in the chair, smiling.

“Hi,” she greeted, smiling.

“Hi,” Marcia said, and as she walked past her to sit behind the desk, the customer’s expensive perfume floated into her nose.

“Hm, have we met before?” the customer asked, jumping slightly in the chair.

Marcia smirked, and slowly, understanding crept across the customer’s face.

“Oh,” the customer said, and she sunk a few inches into the chair.

“How can I help you?” Marcia asked.

“Your sister and I ran into each other last summer, and she said she forgave me,” the customer said.

“Yes, I know.”

The customer bit down on her lower lip.

“How can I help you today?” Marcia asked.

The customer began moving her mouth from side to side.

Marcia stared at her.

“Did you know that we had twins?” she asked.

Marcia opened her mouth to answer, but the customer interrupted her.

“Yeah, we have two five-year-old girls, but we broke up two years ago because he cheated on me too.”

“How is your sister?”

“She is good. In fact, she was just here visiting me,” Marcia said, her voice raising and dropping as she spoke.

“Oh. Good, good.”

The memory of Marcia’s nineteen-year-old sister sitting on her bed, crying, flew through Marcia’s mind, and when her hands on the table clenched into fists, she quickly dropped them to her sides.

“If I could do it all over again, I would not get involved with someone who is with someone else.”

“Good for you,” Marcia said.

“And that’s not because of our altercation,” the customer continued, pointing between them.

Marcia smiled at the memory of her puncturing the four tires of the then twenty-year-old customer as she tried to push her away from her car.

“Call the cops or come anywhere near my sister, and I’ll do more than just this,” Marcia, twenty-two, threatened, inches away from her face.

The customer bit down on her lip again before saying, “Hm…., the guy outside,” she pointed through the glass, “said you are the best one to talk with because I really need a car for me and my girls.”

Marcia nodded and, after taking a deep breath, asked, “Okay, how can I help you?”

The End

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