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Hi, everyone!  It has been a while since we’ve uploaded a newsletter issue, and we have some updates.

Spray Paint Magazine

The first update is about our magazine (Spray Paint Magazine).  You can now purchase Issue Four!  It was released on July 1st, 2023, which was also Canada Day.  You can buy the issue here for 10 Canadian Dollars.

This issue contains 11 artists, which includes Bailey Blundell, Grace Zhou, Salman Zafar, Jesse Case, R. A. L, Jillian-Rae Picco, Samantha Krilow, A. M. Linton, Shamik Banerjee, Claire Stewart, and Erin Jamieson.

This issue has been made possible by our contributors and the Spray Paint Magazine team, who are Catherine Mwitta (design editor), Jessie Nguyen (illustrator), and Angel-Clare Linton (founder & managing editor).  (Side note:  If you want to read our bios, please check out the masthead on our website here.)

Below is what the cover looks like!

Book Publishing

We have also released a chapbook (titled The Recovery: A Process) and a poetry collection (titled Poetry on the Bookcase), both by me (Angel-Clare Linton).  The chapbook is available for sale for 4.99 Canadian Dollars on our website (linked here).  Poetry on the Bookcase is available on retailers’ websites such as Amazon (.ca, .com, and more), Indigo/Chapters, Barnes and Noble, and wherever else you buy your paperback and eBook (including on our website, here).

The Recovery: A Process

Below is the cover and synopsis of The Recovery: A Process.

“I want to recover, yet I’m scared of doing so.”

The Recovery: A Process is a chapbook that contains ten poems, one of which was published in the third issue of Spray Paint Magazine.

This collection captures the “slice of life” of someone living with a mental illness, such as depression.

Poetry on the Bookcase

Below is also the cover and synopsis of Poetry on the Bookcase.

if you wanna know more about me, then please, you should just ask.

Split up into three different parts—shelf one- the night watcher, shelf two- the poisonous antidote, and shelf three- the illusion of talk therapy—; Poetry on the Bookcase is a coming-of-age poetry collection about the effects and experience of an abusive relationship, suicide and suicide ideation, the mundane of everyday living, and the life before (and slightly after) that short-lasting romantic relationship.

Chosen – A Child of Assault

We are also working on another book, Chosen – A Child of Assault (by A. M. Linton), a book in a standalone series titled ‘Chosen.’  Below is the synopsis for that.

In Chosen – A Child of Assault, a stranger assaulted sixteen-year-old Janice Shepherd in her bedroom one night. She conceived and delivered her son, James, but never revealed his father to him.

Now, at nineteen, James’ job as a copy typist forces her to tell him about that night. What will he do with this knowledge? Will his faith in God make a difference to him and his mom now that he knows about his birth?


We’ve also slightly updated our website, and this website, too.

Editing Services

Along the same vein of website updates, we have also updated our editing services.  We are now offering proofreading services.  You can see more about our line & copy editing and proofreading services (including booking us as your editor) here.

About The Writer

Angel-Clare Linton is a poet, writer, editor, and publisher. She is also the founder of Spray Paint Magazine.

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